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Having a certified coach pushing you EVERY workout has never been so affordable

Foundation Classes

Here at Crossfit Palm Bay we do not believe in charging you hundreds of dollars to get you started. Our required Foundation Classes consist of a multiple one on one sessions with a certified coach. Your personal coach will walk you through all the crossfit movement used at our gym one step at a time. Depending on how quickly the new member picks up the variety of movements, classes range from 3-5 sessions.

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Foundation Classes

$9000one time fee
  • Multiple 1 on 1 classes

Group Classes

The Unlimited

  • Attend any group class any time
  • Certified Coach every workout
  • Pay as you go. No contracts.

  • Please select “The Unlimited” rate that applies

The Unlimited Plus

  • Attend any group class any time
  • Attend any Open Gym Session
  • Certified Coach every workout
  • Pay as you go. No contracts.

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Better Body Bootcamp

  • Six week camp
  • 3 classes a week
  • No Foundation Classes Required