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6 Week Evening Bootcamp meets Tuesday & Thursday at 7pm and on Saturday at 8am.
6 Week Morning Bootcamp meets Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 6am
Maybe you’re getting into fitness for the first time, returning to regular workouts after time off, or just looking to add variety to your usual training schedule. B3 is the perfect class for people who want to get in shape and know having a coach and teammates there every workout will help them do so.
B3 is a fun, energetic class that brings out the best in you by setting a clear path toward your fitness goals with an emphasis on mobility and feeling great every day.
Unlike traditional CrossFit workouts, B3 never uses barbells or bulky weights. Instead, we use comparable bodyweight exercises as a substitute for heavier, advanced lifts, while training the same movements and muscle groups. Your body is all the equipment you need to take steps toward your ultimate fitness goal, whether it be weight loss, getting back to the basics, or just having fun..
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6 Week Morning Bootcamp

$2900per week
  • Perfect for the early birds
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  • Meets Mon / Wed / Fri @ 6am
  • No Refunds/Read Terms

  • Amount Due: $29.00

6 Week Evening Bootcamp

$2900per week
  • Perfect for the after work warrior
  • Pay $29/week for 6 weeks. Done!
  • Meets Tue & Thur @ 7pm & Sat @ 8am
  • No Refunds/Read Terms

  • Amount Due: $29.00

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